Railroad Crossings



Canadian National Railway


Waukesha Subdivision


Road Name

RR Mile Post

DOT Number

Washington County

Village of Slinger Kettle Moraine Drive  CTH 144 122.67 692287L
Town of Polk/Village of Slinger Slinger Road 121.63 692285X
Town of Polk Hillside Rd 119.38 692279U
Town of Polk Fond du Lac Drive 118.28 692278M
Town of Polk Scenic Rd 118.00 692277F
Town of Richfield Pioneer Road 117.19 692276Y
Town of Richfield Pleasant Hill Road 116.11 692274K
Town of Richfield Bark Lake Road 113.37 692267A
Town of Richfield Willow Creek Road 112.16 692263X

Waukesha County

Town of Lisbon/Richfield CTH Highway Q 110.93 692260C
Town of Lisbon Colgate Road       Crossing now Closed to Highway Traffic 110.38 692258B
Town of Lisbon North Lisbon Road 109.80 692257U
Village of Sussex/Town of Lisbon Plainview Road 108.81 692255F
Village of Sussex Good Hope Road 107.79 692253S
Village of Sussex Main Street  Hwy 74 106.76 692251D
Village of Sussex Silver Spring    CTH Hwy VV 106.42 692249C
Village of Sussex/Tn of Lisbon Private Crossing  Vulcan Materials Company 105.39 692246G
Village of Sussex/Tn of Lisbon Lisbon Rd     CTH Hwy K

CM 105.23


Tn Lisbon/City Pewaukee Weyer Road ~104.74 692244T
City of Pewaukee Private Crossing  N4250 Duplainville Road ~103.95 N/A
City of Pewaukee Private Crossing  N4200 Duplainville Road. ~103.74 N/A
City of Pewaukee Green Road  (Maintained by CP Rail ) 101.96 692237H
City of Pewaukee Private Crossing  Zignego Redi-Mix  N2940 Duplainville Rd ~101.5 N/A
City of Pewaukee Watertown Rd  CTH Hwy M 101.23 692232Y
City of Pewaukee Private Crossing   Payne & Dolan 99.5 692219K
City of Waukesha Moreland Blvd CM 98.58 692218D
City of Waukesha Whiterock Ave CM 98.40 692216P
City of Waukesha Main Street CM 98.07 692213V
City of Waukesha Hartwell St CM 97.99 692212M
City of Waukesha Arcadian Ave CM 97.87 692211F
City of Waukesha Broadway St CM 97.63 689919N
City of Waukesha East Ave CM 97.60 689918G
City of Waukesha Carroll Street    (crossing closed) CM 97.46 689916T
City of Waukesha Barstow Ave CM 97.40 689915L
City of Waukesha Cutler Street     (crossing closed) CM 97.28 689914E
City of Waukesha Grand Avenue CM 97.23 689913X
City of Waukesha Maple Street CM 97.00 689912X
City of Waukesha College Ave CM 96.99 689911J
City of Waukesha West Avenue CM 96.33 689909H
City of Waukesha Sunset Drive CM 95.94 689904Y
Town of Waukesha Lawnsdale Rd     CTH Hwy I CM 93.93 689901D
Town of Waukesha Glendale Road CM 93.15 689899E
Town of Waukesha Oakdale Rd    CTH Hwy XX CM 91.92 689898X
Town of Vernon Benson Ave (Vernon Marsh) CM 90.87 689897R
Village of Mukwonago CTH NN CM 86.39 689890T
Village of Mukwonago Oakland Road CM 86.09 689886D
Village of Mukwonago Bay View Road CM 84.83 693748W

Village of Mukwonago

CTH L  ( In Walworth County) CM 82.74 689878L

Walworth County



Amron Spur-Waukesha

Municipality Road Name Mile Post DOT Number
City of Waukesha Prairie Avenue CM 95.94 689907U
City of Waukesha Progress Avenue CM 96.05 689908B
City of Waukesha Sentry Avenue near Progress Ave   Exempt Crossing N/A 391525V


West Bend Subdivision

Municipality Road Name Mile Post DOT Number
Menomonee Falls/Milwaukee Boundary Rd - 124th St

BG 99.47


Menomonee Falls/Germantown County Line Rd

BG 99.61




Canadian Pacific RR


Watertown Subdivision

Municipality Road Name RR Mile Post DOT Number
Elm Grove/City Brookfield Blue Mound Rd      West Allis Spur   Crossing Removed  No longer in service 93.44 390488S
Village of Elm Grove Wall Street             West Allis Spur   Crossing Removed  No longer in service 93.99 390489Y
Village of Elm Grove Watertown Plank Road 95.09 390513X
Village of Elm Grove Juneau Blvd 95.36 390514E
Village of Elm Grove Highland Drive     EWD Track      Main Track #2 96.33 390515L
City of Brookfield Pilgrim & North   EWD Track    Main Track #2  Note:  There is a road crossing on Pilgrim Rd AND also on North Ave at this location. 97.10 695498T
City of Brookfield Pilgrim Road     North side of Wirth Park    WWD Track  Main Track #1 97.38 390519N
City of Brookfield Calhoun Road  North Track       WWD Track       Main Track #1 98.38 390520H
City of Brookfield Calhoun Road  South Track         EWD Track       Main Track #2 98.06 390517A
City of Brookfield Brookfield Road 99.43 390521P
City of Brookfield Barker Rd                   CTH Hwy Y 100.47 390522W
City Pewaukee/City Brookfield Springdale Road        CTH Hwy SR 101.46 390523D
City of Pewaukee Duplainville Road 102.12 390524K
Village of Pewaukee Forest Grove Road 104.33 390031X
Village of Pewaukee Oakton Ave 105.19 390530N
Village of Pewaukee Wisconsin Ave 105.65 390532C
Village of Pewaukee Kopmeier Drive 106.17 390533J
City of Pewaukee Parkside Rd 106.69 390534R
Town of Delafield CTH Hwy KE 108.18 390535X
Village of Hartland Maple Avenue 109.75 390537L
Village of Hartland Cottonwood Avenue 110.02 390538T
City of Delafield Vettleson Road 111.41 390540U
Village of Oconomowoc Lake Gifford Road 115.95 390549F
City of Oconomowoc Lapham Street    (Road Closed) 117.22 390551G
City of Oconomowoc Silver Lake Street 117.75 390552V
City of Oconomowoc Cross Street 117.85 390553V
City of Oconomowoc Main Street 117.95 390554C
City of Oconomowoc Worthington Street 118.13 390557X
City of Oconomowoc Concord Road 118.30 390558E
City of Oconomowoc Elm Street 118.64 390561M
Town of Oconomowoc Reddelien Road 119.58 390563B

Jefferson County

Town of Ixonia River Valley Road ~ 122.7 390567D
Town of Ixonia CTH Hwy F 123.16 390568K
Town of Ixonia Oak Street   CTH P 123.76 390570L
Town of Ixonia Hustisford Rd 126.41 390577J
Town of Ixonia River Road 128.08 390581Y



Union Pacific


Adams Subdivision 


Road Name

RR Mile Post

DOT Number

Butler/Milwaukee Old Silver Spring/124th Street



Menomonee Falls Lilly Road 312.6 178778V
Menomonee Falls Marcy Road 309.9 178784Y
Menomonee Falls Lannon Rd         CTH Hwy Y 308.4 178787U
Village of Sussex Maple Ave 305.3 178793
Village of Sussex Hwy 164 304.28 178794E
Town of Lisbon Lake Five Road 301.5 179304R
Tn of Lisbon/Merton Center Oak Drive 301.06 179044X
Town of Merton Keesus Road 300.7 179046L
Town of Merton Park Drive 300.1 179048A
Town of Merton Camp Witcomb Road ~299.6 179050B
Town of Merton CTH Hwy E 298.56 179054D
Town of Merton Kilbourne Road 297.85 179056S
Town of Merton Private Driveway (Just East of Silver Spring Dr) ~296.89 179058F
Town of Merton Silver Spring Drive ~296.85 179059M
Town of Merton West Shore Drive ~296.0 921419D
Tn of Merton/Oconomowoc Town Line Road 295.1 179065R
Town of Oconomowoc Peterson Road 294.57 179066X
Town of Oconomowoc Brown Street  CTH Hwy P   Bridge ~ 292.88 N/A
Town of Oconomowoc Mapleton Road            CTH CW 292.48 179072B
Town of Oconomowoc O'Neil Road aka Franklin Road ~291.68 179074P

Dodge County



Waukesha Industrial Spur

Municipality Road Name Mile Post DOT Number
City of New Berlin Sunny Slope Road 12.22 177285E
City of New Berlin Moorland Road     CTH Hwy O N/A 177286L
City of New Berlin 163rd & Rogers     Industrial Spur N/A 177287T
City of New Berlin 169th & Rogers     Industrial Spur N/A 177288A
City of New Berlin 169th & Lincoln     Industrial Spur N/A 177289G
City of New Berlin Calhoun Rd 14.2 177290B
City of New Berlin/Tn Waukesha Springdale Road N/A 177293W
City of Waukesha State Hwy 59/Hwy 164 18.05 177809N
City of Waukesha Pearl Street           Industrial Spur N/A 177295K
City of Waukesha Commerce Street  Industrial Spur N/A 177296S


Butler Spur

Municipality Road Name Mile Post DOT Number
Village of Butler/Wauwatosa 124th Street south of Arden Place N/A 177271W
Village of Butler 127th Street south of Arden Place N/A 177274S




Wisconsin & Southern


Waukesha Subdivision

Municipality Road Name Mile Post DOT Number
City of Waukesha Grand Avenue   Maintained by CN 19.55 177306V
City of Waukesha Maple Street 19.68 177307C
City of Waukesha West Avenue 19.82 177308J
City of Waukesha Prairie Avenue 20.15 177310K
City of Waukesha - Industrial Park Sentry Ave near College Ave      Exempt Crossing N/A 177311S
City of Waukesha - Industrial Park Spur Track at Glacial Drumlin Trail N/A 917685T
City of Waukesha Glacial Drumlin Trail ~20.65 917686A
City of Waukesha McArthur Road ~21.2 391527J
City of Waukesha Grandview Blvd ~21.4 910742F
Town of Waukesha Merrill Hills Rd  CTH TT 22.86 391530S
Town of Genesee Sunset Park Entrance ~23.58 917698U
Town of Genesee Sunset Drive  CTH DE 24.08 391533M
Town of Genesee Boettcher Rd 25.45 391536H
Town of Genesee CTH D 26.0 391537P
Town of Genesee Brookhill Road ~26.55 392590E
Town of Genesee Private Driveway ~26.65 N/A
Town of Genesee STH Hwy 83 27.32 391539D
Town of Genesee Grush Road 29.02 391541E
Town of Genesee CTH ZZ 29.07 391542L
Village of North Prairie Harrison Street 30.13 391543T
Village of North Prairie Main Street   CTH E 30.23 391544A
Village of North Prairie Fairview Ave 30.33 391545G
Village of North Prairie STH Hwy 59 30.68 391546N
Town of Eagle Road X ~32.3 391550D
Town of Eagle Sprague Road ~32.7 391551K
Town of Eagle Mailman Road ~34.12 391554F
Village of Eagle Sherman Street ~35.3 391558H
Village of Eagle Partridge Street ~35.40 391559P
Village of Eagle STH 67/Grove St. 35.44 391561R
Village of Eagle Railroad Street ~35.50 391562X
Town of Eagle CTH S ~37.05 391563E
Town of Eagle DNR HDQ Entrance                  S91 W39091 STH 59 ~38.20 387663C
Town of Eagle Private Driveway ~38.45 N/A

Jefferson County

Town of Palmyra CTH Z ~39.01 391567G




Milwaukee Subdivision

Municipality Road Name Mile Post DOT Number
Menomonee Falls/Milwaukee Boundary Rd - 124th Street



Menomonee Falls/Germantown County Line Road





East Troy Electric RR


Municipality Road Name Mile Post DOT Number
Village of Mukwonago Indianhead Park Trail



Village of Mukwonago CTH Hwy ES



Village of Mukwonago Bay View Road



Village of Mukwonago CTH Hwy J  (In Walworth County)