Adventures of Bob and Brian

at North Duplainville

June 1, 2002


This afternoon around 1pm, from what I can gather, the driver of this Dodge product was cut off while driving on Hwy K at Duplainville North and hit the crossing signal.  The vehicle was stuck on the base of the signal and could not be pulled off without the aid of a tow truck.  Bob and Brian were piloting the southbound train, FDBR1T-01 with the CN 2433 in the lead.  The dispatcher notified them when they were going thru Colgate of the problem and he put a GX on the crossing.  The pictures are self explanatory.  They were delayed about 1/2 hour until the tow truck removed the vehicle.  The signal was pretty much destroyed except for a couple of light heads.  The concrete base in the ground was tipped towards the track and will probably have to be dug out and reset.  Ron, the signal maintainer, had been called and was on the way, but had not arrived when I left.  The signal was replaced the same day.  The last photo is that of its replacement.  The new one as the traditional bell where the old one had the one that is built into the post.





( L-R   Brian and Bob )

Note the bell mechanism at the top of the post





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