SOO 1003 Steam Engine

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Photo by Chris Burger

Photo by "The" Chris Burger of CNW fame

SOO 1003 at Suamico, WI on 7-4-00


The #1003 was restored at Superior, WI and completed in 1996. Since its restoration, it has traveled through northern Wisconsin, parts of Minnesota, and through the UP of Michigan. Waukesha will be its southern most part of the state since its restoration.

About 125 gallons of water and 175 pounds of coal are used each mile it travels. It can run at a speed of 60 miles an hour and pull a 21 car passenger train at 45 miles an hour. Driver diameter is 63", locomotive weight is 513,600 lbs, and is 84' long. 28x30 cylinders and is stoker fired.  The boiler pressure is 170 PSI.  The 1003 was built by the American Locomotive Company ( ALCO) in 1913 and is a Class L-1.

After the completed restoration in 1996, the 1003 has been stationed in Altoona, WI in an ex C&NW roundhouse, along with the Soo Line #2719. There is where repairs are done and the locomotives are stored during the off season.

The 1003 is currently owned privately by 3 people and is operated under the name of LLP.  They are a private organization dedicated to operating a restored steam locomotive professionally and safely.  It has a permanent crew of usually 8 people that accompany the locomotive when it operates.

The locomotive is restored and operated just like it was when in regular service.

Ken Ristow--1003 Engineer