Truck/Train Accident at Duplainville

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All pictures by City of Pewaukee Police Department

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September 14, 2000 at 9:30am

A semi-trailer truck hauling a load of steel plates was leaving the Zignego concrete plant via a private driveway and was hit in the cab area by a southbound WC train ( L201--Rock Job from Vulcan Materials in Sussex.  While the driver was alive at the scene after being ejected thru the front windshield, he died on the way to the hospital of a ruptured aorta.  The driver was a 54 year old man from Wind Lake ( near Burlington ) The engine was shut down due to the damage sustained to it and was later towed to Waukesha to have its leaking fuel tank pumped out.  The accident was investigated by City of Pewaukee Police and Wisconsin State Patrol.


Pewaukee F.D. EMT's attend to the patient






View of the scene facing north.


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